Skosay Messenger 

Customer Features

Simple sign-up

Skosay users can utilize their email or Facebook account to quickly create a profile or enter as a guest.


Can't find a manager in store? With Skosay, a manager is always at the ready. Connect with one in-store and get help quickly to resolve any issues quickly.


Don't worry about calling ahead. Instead, message ahead with Skosay!


Skosay provides users with a snapshot of businesses in their immediate proximity to connect to or leave feedback on

Quick Search

Simple search navigation allows Skosay users to find what they are looking for quickly and easily so that  leaving feedback is a breeze.

Business Features

Privacy Matters

Conversations between businesses and brands are both private and productive.

Feedback for Brands

Skosay has brands covered when they are in need of product related feedback from real customers.

low effort = Repeat Business

94% of customers say having a low effort customer service experience will lead them to buy from that company again

Quick survey

Are you in need of quick quantitative data? Add a survey element so you can gather impactful insights in no time.

Real Time Analytics

See where and when feedback is coming in to your brand or business. Easily track how quickly exchanges are being handled by managers.