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Did you know 54% of consumers reported buying a product that they sampled and 77% of consumers would rather receive a sample than a coupon?

Enhancing your customer experience doesn't have to be costly or tricky and it doesn't have to be done solely inside the store. In fact, Skosay makes the CX simple with our arsenal of sampling, digital targeting, and messaging based solutions. Our knowledgable team boasts over 45+ years of experience and are dedicated to helping you find the right customer experience tech solutions for your brand or business.

The skosay solution

+ Scalable programs that are profitable

+ Solutions that are efficient and easy to execute

+ Targeted campaigns that give you the insights you need

+ Top-notch analytics 

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Simply Rebates

Build an engaged and loyal brand audience

Simply Rebates is our latest and greatest extension of our brand services. We offer a unique rebate experience that will win customers over. Our Rebate services are based online and through text. There's never an app to download and we don't make customer wait to hit a dollar threshold after they redeem rebates. The process is simple and streamlined, while the results are impactful!

Why Rebates?

What We Offer

Simply Rebates is a service that helps brands build an audience of loyal and eager consumers. Simply Rebates offers a digital shopping experience that is entirely text based and seamless from start to finish. It is also perfect for brands that do not have samples to offer or prefer an alternative method for connecting with consumers.

What We Deliver

a Superior digital rebate experience

We offer an easy to integrate, fully branded rebate experience that will reach customers, drive engagement, and build loyal brand audiences. 

  • Identify Consumer Profiles
  • Measure Sentiment, Drive Engagement
  • Tie rebate redemption to purchase verification

Audience Builder

Building your audience has never been easier than with Skosay. In less than 90 days find advocates for your brand and engage with them ongoing through unique sample and rebate offers, while gathering valuable insights on your brands.

Audience Demographics

Knowing your consumer is the key to delivering great products into the marketplace. We work with brands to find the right consumers at the right place at the right time.

Simply Sample

Put the power of your product into the hands of consumers


75% of savings in customer acquisition costs vs. off-the-shelf sampling services.


More than 53% of people that reported buying a product they sampled


40% of consumers wanted samples vs. coupons


The Simply Sample user base is growing 40% per month

What We Deliver 

Why Samples?

what we offer

With Simply Sample, brands can engage with consumers, and embrace the move toward digital shopping. Unlike an in-store demo, Simply Sample allows brands to capture information about the consumer, how they felt about the product and if they’ll purchase it.


Our real-time data analytics tool delivers next level insights. Brands can analyze sampling results with social media, demographic and location based data.

  • Identify consumer profiles
  • Measure sentiment
  • Tie sampling to purchase verification

Our Services

SKOSAY Retail Engagement Tools

Are you a brand or retailer that wants to engage with your customers quickly, easily, and in a targeted fashion? Are you fed up with spending money on in-store demos that just don't get the job done anymore? Are you tired of complex systems and tricky tech solutions that promise outstanding results, but always seem to fall short? Then look no further!