Q: I've provided my information in the past, why do I have to provide it again?

A: Great question.  People move sometimes and we want to make sure we have the most up to date information to get products into your hands.

Q: I requested a sample but never received it, what do i do?

A: If this happens and you feel you haven't received it in the proper time e-mail us at info@skosay.com and we will work to get you a new sample if they are still available at the time.  

Q: Is there some place I can setup a profile?

A:Yes, please follow the sign-up link at the top of the page and start finding samples and rebates that fit your profile.

Q: I signed up for samples but haven't received a sample, how do I get a sample?

A: Today, hundreds of thousands of people have received samples from us at Skosay and we are working to make sure all individuals have the opportunity to try new products that we find.  Stay tuned and we will continue working on your behalf.


A: We target a quick turnaround of less than 2 weeks from the time you send in a request to a current campaign.  

Q:  What does Skosay even mean?

A: We love this one.  The founders of Skosay have a bit of a southern drawl and around their neck of the woods "Sko" simply means "Let's go".  Let's go say something = Skosay.  

Q: Do unicorns exist? 

A: We once played on a kickball team called the Raging Unicorns, but actually never encountered a live, real unicorn.  We are still looking though!